WHAT IS Medication management?

Psychiatric medication management can be an excellent option for those who are already taking medications or are interested in trying a new medication. Through one-on-one meetings, your doctor will work with you to ensure that medications you’re taking are aligned with your treatment goals. Additionally, your psychiatrist will ensure that the medications you’re taking or will start taking are safe and effective considering your medical history and any other treatments you may be receiving.

For those who are new to psychiatric medication, we know the idea of starting medications may seem scary. Our doctors seek to empower you with knowledge and options so that together, you and your clinician can choose what would work best for you. Learn more about what to expect at your first psychiatric medication management visit below.

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common types of medications

There are a variety of psychiatric medications available for different conditions. Some medications may help with more than one condition, such as depression and anxiety. Together with your doctor, you can identify which medications may work best for the symptoms you are experiencing.

Common types of psychiatric medications include:

● Antidepressants
● Anti-anxiety medications
● Mood stabilizers
● Antipsychotics
● Stimulants
● Weight loss medications

Each psychiatric medication works differently for each person. Your psychiatrist can help you to monitor the effectiveness of the medication you’re taking. Your clinician may also refer you out for genetic testing to see what medications your body will respond best to. Learn more by speaking with us at Omi Psychiatry & TMS today.

What to expect

Your psychiatrist will begin by providing a thorough assessment of your symptoms and medical history. From there, you and your psychiatrist will discuss options available for medication that may help to ease the symptoms you are experiencing.

After you and your doctor have identified a psychiatric medication to try, your doctor may have you begin the medication in a trial period. During this trial period, your doctor will oversee the effectiveness of the medication and note any side effects. Since each psychiatric medication works differently for each person, your psychiatrist will work to monitor your unique experience with the medication you are using. Depending on how your medication is working for you, your psychiatrist may make adjustments to your dosage, type of medication, or number of medications.

Our doctors care about your health and will meet with you regularly throughout your treatment. Sessions may be more frequent at first but may decrease as you find a medication that works for you. Throughout this whole process, your psychiatrist will continue to center the sessions on you and your needs.

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medication management
Psychiatric medication management
medication management
Psychiatric medication management
medication management
Psychiatric medication management

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Dr. Aderonke Omotade is a board-certified internal medicine physician and psychiatrist. She provides compassionate, comprehensive psychiatric care to patients of all ages.

Melecia Helwig-Henson is our physician’s assistant and provides assistance with routine psychiatric needs as well as helping Dr. Omotade with the day-to-day tasks of running the practice.


NeuroStar® TMS is a safe, effective treatment for MDD (major depressive disorder) without the side effects of medication. It uses focused magnetic pulses (similar to an MRI) that revitalize inactive synapses in your brain. A study of NeuroStar patients who completed treatment showed that 83% found measurable relief, and 62% experienced complete remission of their depression.

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